QLab 4.6.8 released with full Apple Silicon Support

Qlab by Figure 53, LLC. has been updated today to support new M1 Chip.

Here’s full list of updates in 4.6.8:

4.6.8 Changes

  • A bug in the short-lived version 4.6.7 which caused windows to draw as blank white squares under some circumstances.
  • A “Show Password” toggle option when signing in to install or remove licenses.
  • When bundling, QLab will no longer allow you to delete an existing directory or file, even if you ask it nicely; too dangerous.
  • Video playback now works on machines with Apple Silicon CPUs.
  • Display names are now available again on Apple Silicon CPUs.
  • When opening saved workspaces, video surfaces will now have their displays connected on Apple Silicon CPUs.
  • An issue which could cause a Video cue whose target has no audio track to incorrectly calculate its post-wait time when auto-following.
  • An issue which could cause a cue with non-infinitely looping slices to incorrectly display its progress bar in the Active Cues tab of the sidebar.
  • Several UI irregularities when running on macOS Big Sur.
  • Assorted other fixes, some of which prevent crashes.

source: https://qlab.app/release-notes/4.6.8/

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